To be able to give you the pivotal moment I picked up a camera for the first time and realised my dreams of being a photographer, wouldn’t be exact as I actually do not remember it. I have memories of constantly taking pictures when I was young, every holiday I would insist on taking my disposable, send off the film as soon as I was home and eagerly await the return of my prints a few weeks later in the post. I have fond memories of my grandad showing me his latest camera and I was in awe of him and his latest gadget, purchasing my first SLR Nikon FM2 and developing my own images in the dark room which is the most magical process. 

I guess I just feel like I have lived and breathed capturing images, taking the essence of something beautiful, a moment in time and documenting it forever just seems magical to me, almost precious. 

I studied photography at The University of Hertfordshire, where I successfully gained my BaHons. Like most young ambitious photography students I expected to be shooting the cover of Vogue within a year! I began working in London assisting in the fashion and food photography industry for a number of years, travelling across the world and working with some of the most amazing and inspiring photographers and met some amazing people in the process. It was at this point in my life I learnt the most, understanding light and polishing my technique.

Throughout my time working in London I would moonlight as a wedding photographer at weekends picking up the odd job for friends and family. I was then approached by a local very well established photographer to shoot for him, this became quite regular and my passion for wedding photography just blossomed. A wedding is such a special day and to be honoured with the job of documenting such a beautiful moment between two people in front of their friends and family is so wonderful. 

Fast forward 10 years and here I am today, 10 years later after starting my own business as a photographer, I can happily say I love my job, I am truly grateful to all my families, brides and grooms, past, present and future, for giving me the opportunity to document your memories for you to cherish forever. 

What my Clients say ....

Jodie provided a great service from the initial planning meeting all the way through to post-wedding production, keeping us in the loop throughout. Her friendliness and professionalism helped contribute to a lovely day for us and our guests and her beautiful photos will help us treasure our special day.
Jodie managed to capture the feel of our wedding in our photos without being intrusive. She captured every moment and produced the most amazing pictures. We were able to relive the day through them and have perfect pictures to remember our incredible day.
Jodie absolutely exceeded our expectations. We are delighted with our photographs. She was efficient, timely and you didn’t know she was around most of the time. She 100% deserves this award. I would recommend her 100s of times over
She captured The wedding perfectly!!
Friendly, nothing is too much
We were so impressed with Jodie, we met many photographers before our big day, we explained that our boy was autistic and doesn’t stay still much nor does he like having his photo taken. Jodie was so accommodating, she understood our position and explained what she could do, take the photo’s without him knowing and meet him so he wasn’t panicked. When we received the photo’s they were unbelievable, he was smiling at the camera in some and there were so many beautiful natural snaps of him that will always be with us. Jodie was so patient, gave us above and beyond what we paid for, she stayed later and provided us with memories that we will never forget. Thanks Jodie so much.
The most challenging task when planning my wedding was finding a good photographer. I searched high and low for someone who would be accommodating, flexible and experienced. After seeing over 5 photographers I was becoming hugely disheartened. Then finally a friend recommended Jodie!
Her style of photography was everything I wanted.. No cliche wedding poses, just elegant, natural and fun and exactly what I wanted. Jodie was a pleasure to have at my wedding, half the time it felt like she wasn’t even there (which is how it should be). She was approachable and understanding with my demands and catered to everything. She captured some beautiful moments!
When the cake has been eaten and the flowers are wilted you are left with your memories and photos.. And mine are everything I could of hoped for!